8-24 Giggler!

Serenity is not always easy. Rhinos embody Poise naturally, it’s true, but there are moments when We are seized by an irrepressible need to giggle or guffaw. Out of nowhere comes a burst of mirth which will not be denied. Contrary to good taste and self-possession, We are reduced to giggling.

Heaven knows, Rhinos understand decorum. Unfortunately, the more Serious and Important the occasion, the greater the hazard factor. We wrestle, We quake, We repress, but no, the cork flies out of the bottle!

We fizz.

2 thoughts on “Misbehaving

    • You see?! That is your Inner Rhino clicking into gear. You thought you were reading up about Them when the key to this whole experience is about Us! Pronoun-ular thinking at its very best.


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