Somewhere in there…

7-25 RadishLore

Just Where is your Inner Rhino, you may well ask. We are not much more clear on that topic than you are, but We have a lot more lore than you, leastways as pertains to your Inner Radish.

A lesser-known (but no less crucial) bodily organ is the Radish, which is not attached to anything in particular inside you. We think of it as being near your funny bone, but that location varies from one critter to another. For all We really know, the Radish may shift around in there, driven by its own mysterious imperatives. (We cannot interview the Inner Radish, any more than you could get a good chat out of your pancreas, and that’s easier to locate.)

Rhinos often discuss the Radish in familiar terms, seeing it as a receptive nook for our True Selves. We can always visit it when We feel down, and get a booster shot of Rhino. Who can contemplate the Radish and not get a worthy chortle out of it? Right: Nobody. Whoosh! Back in business.

If you like, go back to March 18 to refresh your Radish Appreciation.

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