7-21 The Unpredictable

RhinoResearch indicates that Nature thrives in the face of Chaos. Things are never just one way; they usually go in both directions, wherever they are headed. Coming and Going, as well as Side-stepping. More and less, all at once.

We wonder if perhaps those critters that like Order may have landed on the wrong planet. Perhaps there is another place where things are shipshape, but obviously it’s not here.

RhinoTheories of Extinction have to do with the inability to go with the flow, or flows. Digging in one’s heels and dictating how things must be does not appear to impress Nature, and why would it? Rhinos prefer to welcome each impact, and see where it rocks or rolls Us. Even in Sumatra. Or especially in Sumatra.

Stubborn is not only Unattractive, but often disastrously Unrealistic.

3 thoughts on “Hurlyburly

  1. Look at that guy — quivering with the anticipation of who knows what, and filled with delight! I love him! I ought to wear this guy on my heart! Dad (very orderly himself) always said with an element of self-depreciation that creativity was cultivated by a willingness to tolerate chaos. But apparently, Rhinos know all this. At least, the ones that survived.

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  2. When I went back to school, this is what I learned in my physics class: No thing is ever there; it is only more likely to be there than anywhere else. Hurlyburly!


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