Stimulation in Sumatra

6-25 SRBrilliance
Most days Rhinos work with whatever is going on in our heads, making our way, nibbling and ruminating. But on rare and spectacular occasion, an Idea strikes us, a Perception or Whatever, that clarifies things in some ultra-dynamic way. It feels like being clocked with a skillet. Inspiring if a bit disorienting.

It happens, and naturally, We are grateful. Whether every critter is chosen for these insights, We cannot say. Rhinos are just pleased to be on the Delivery List. All families, all locales, We get these Messages.

What We do not know (one thing among many) is Where do these Ideas come from?! How do they locate Us, and send just the right Idea to the right customer? Is there some sort of place where Ideas develop themselves? We might like to take credit for our own mental acuity, but We can’t do it. Someplace, Ideas are brewing and enhancing themselves. Incubating.

But Where?

4 thoughts on “Stimulation in Sumatra

  1. Where, in all literature, has there been a description of the decent of the creative muse upon the human psyche as being “clocked by a skillet”? No where I know. Just gives one some small intimation of how fresh and unique this site (or is that sight?) truly is.


    • Fuzzy is always in Fashion. BTW, Sumatran rhinos are the smallest of the 5 extant species, weighing in at roughly 1500 pounds. A lot to cuddle!


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