In one ear and out the other…

6-10 Streams

Our subject today is Streams of Consciousness. This somewhat tortured illustration shows how it works, give or take. Sometimes We think our ideas come from Inside, sometimes Outside, and both ways We are right. The border line between Inside and Outside is blurry. Where do We leave off and the Rest of Everything commence?

We would like to point out that each of Us makes a contribution to the Outside, like it or not: things come down the Cosmic Streams of Consciousness, process themselves inside Us, and then, enhanced, go on their way. Given the preoccupations inside our heads a lot of the time, it might clarify why things are in such a bizarre state so often. Who can define an enhancement?

Are Rhinos the movers-and-shakers of the Butterfly Effect? Ponder that one, if you please.

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