4-20 Evals

We admit that We are somewhat Critical. Part of that is Rampant Curiosity, part is Meticulous Observation, and part is Applied Experience. There are many other parts, but these will do for now.

Being insightful is not easy on Us. We see so much, and add up the clues with frightening acuity. We cannot count effectively, but We can do the math.

That said, the subject of our most aggressive examination is Our Inner Rhino. Each of Us has to come to grips with what is Outstanding, and that which Needs Improvement. We cannot fix any other critter, but We can pay close attention to our own little ways.

It can be trying, this need to pursue Perfection. But We would be skimping on our duty to leave it to somebody else. Nobody else has been given the same gifts each of Us has, Rhinos included.

No free rides in the Wild.

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