The Comedy of Errors

4-18 CofErrors

Life involves many small disasters and misunderstandings; the odds of doing brilliantly in a given situation are not outstanding. Too many variables and unknowns lurking in the margins. And half the time We are looking in the wrong direction to begin with. The Woops Factor.

The Big Task is keeping a cheerful mindset, moving forward as best We can. Each minor mess will get corrected shortly, so why flip out?

We figure We will be able to tell the difference between a mistake and the End of the World.

2 thoughts on “The Comedy of Errors

  1. This reinforces a lesson I began learning in grad school. A fellow grad told me that I would be better off if I learned to distinguish an inconvenience from a catastrophe. I took this to heart. I didn’t know that I was nurturing my Inner Rhino!


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