Semper Radish

3-18 Radish

We have always kept our eyes peeled for a symbol of what is Excellent, a symbol that would serve all Rhinodom. Root vegetables have always been appealing; part is in the earth, and part is on top, like Us. Rooted but gregarious.

And then, only a few Many Years Ago, there was the Radish! What a satisfying shape, what a welcoming color, a snappy flavor, a touching humility among the plant world! In no aspect is it wanting, at least any aspect We value.

The Radish is symbolic of all that is Outstanding; We aspire to its wealth of scintillating facetnous and tonalities.

We are grateful for its example.

10 thoughts on “Semper Radish

    • Bounds? Bounds!? What virtues lurk in Restriction? “No” is such an easy answer. The Radish never says, nor ever even implies “No”.


  1. Always a delight to see the radish assuming its rightful place. Colorful, cheerful, always ready to grow in home or garden. A coup. A veritable coup. And, for Asian relatives, it comes in white for a change of pace or a quiet, contemplative moment.


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