Get Rugged


Image is a big issue with Us, no doubt about it. Every feature of our makeup is reflected by scent, including Masculine Vigor. Each of Us guys wants to smell terrific. Actually, extra-terrific.

Masculine Vigor is a key factor in our sex lives; when a gal is shopping for a boyfriend, she wants to know all about what she is getting. Please to remember, she is signing up for a brief Liaison d’Amour, followed by 15 months of making a baby.

Male Rhinos don’t need to be charming or good providers. Once the Liaison is over, the stud is off to other business. That’s our system, and it  works for Us. Our intimacies are physical and short-lived. Muchas Gracias and Adios.

Still, a guy has to make a dynamic first impression, nudging other suitors out of the way if necessary, as it often is. We like to call it “nudging”, but it is often more spirited than the term might imply. That phase of things has a “last-beast-standing” aspect to it. No joke.

We forgot to mention: When We guys are responding to the Call of the Wild, We are not sane.

2 thoughts on “Get Rugged

  1. I am so grateful to get this clarification of the male rhino’s role in family life, a role that seemed to me to be, according to all former posts, largely absent!


    • While the rhino way of attending to matters may seem bizarre at first glance, it comes back in a haunting way when one thinks about efforts to change things among human male attitudes and ideas. Some progress has been made, but it is really chipping away at a monumental pile of ‘paternalism’. Is that all wrong? Biologically, there’s a lot to debate, pro and con.

      What is astonishing is a lot of human smugness, as though we have these issues in hand. We are wondrous slow to change or learn.


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