Hoity Toity


Occasionally our imaginations go haywire, suggesting We are superior to the rest of Creation. High and Mighty and La-Di-Dah, too: Fancy-Pants Syndrome.

That is not how Rhinodom works. Each of Us is responsible for self-governance. No Rhino rules another. Each of Us contributes to the enhancement of the Family in its Cosmic Sense.

When We do become Insufferable, Nature steps in, delivering a swift kick to our rearmost regions. And usually None Too Soon.

Wake-Up Calls are part of the Natural System.

5 thoughts on “Hoity Toity

    • We are always ready for walks in the country and bird watching. We like cooking and country dancing too. We do not like grocery shopping.


      • Phooey on grocery shopping! I shan’t do it! We like short walks too, followed by contemplation and grazing. You know, gotta refill the tank after a burst of endorphinistics!


  1. I think Mr Fancypants may cause some sense of competition in the human ranks – to say nothing of a certain Mr Mitzvah who is intrigued!!!!


    • I KNEW Mr. Mitzvah was insightful, directly I met him! He may be something of a Fashion Victim, but he can carry it off, which is Step #1. (It may also be Step #2.) It’s clearly your privilege he lets you live there. Oh yeah.


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