Disruptions #3

1-8 Shenaniganza

SheNaniganza is the shrewdest of the Disruptions, planning Discombobulations and Gumfoozlements. SheNaniganza is the most daunting Invisible Crony each Mom must confront. Tantrums and Commotion are one thing, but calculated Confusion is more confounding. Patterns develop; once the Tot sees that a stratagem has worked, why not try it again and again? Crafty is as Crafty does… or something along those lines.

SheNaniganza is always on the lookout for variants on the main theme, namely Maternal Vexation. The cry goes forth: “Tots shall inherit the Earth; Tot-Power, Yessssssssssssssssssssssss”. (fist pump, fist pump)

When everything goes according to plan, the Tots are right.

6 thoughts on “Disruptions #3

  1. Your recent series on the invisible friends (united in mom vexation) is completely delightful – part Dr Seuss, part Samuel Beckett, and all deliciously you! Making me laugh out loud, to the wonderment of friends/family here in the warm Pacific Northwest. Love you!


    • Our goal, or one of them, is to keep the P Northwest on their toes. You might slip them some beans which should help with that goal (see 1/6/15); that oughta do the trick.


  2. What I want to know is, where is the Dad rhino? Does he just bail out after impregnating the Mama? You’d think he might stick around and do something useful, say, with his horn. Like fending off foes, protecting or training the child, and helping the Mom. God knows, she could use some help with these kids!


    • The R Discussion is not ruled by Political Correction but by Critter Efficacy. If Moms were not equal to the task of rearing the young, Rhinos would be extinct. Dads do indeed breed and split. Mom has horns or incisors of her own, plus her own considerable bulk, for defense.

      R Moms do not approach the assignment of child-rearing from a romantic angle, baking cookies and knitting. They prepare their offspring for the Wild. And in a few years, the kids leave home, never to return. ‘Family’ is a here-and-now business, not a connection for a lifetime.

      One other thought: Moms almost always have only one Tot at a time. When the next one starts incubating, the resident Tot needs to start making traveling plans. Mom only has on-the-hoof attention for one Tot at a time. Plus she is always working on her own Quest, one way and another. Busy girls, Moms.


  3. I like that all the Disruptions move in a Mardi Gras colored world. Of course, Mardi Gras May be the greatest Disruption of all.


    • We guarantee that if you spent a day with an R Tot, you would discover that Mardi Gras at its most fevered pitch is a simple pastoral festival by comparison. R Moms are stalwart, no joke.


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