In the Beginning


When do any of Us start? For Rhinos, there is a moment when We become aware of what’s going on, there in our Mom’s body. This realization is pretty abstract. We are part of Mom, but also, We are each Rhinos-in-the-Making.

Rhino pregnancies go on for 15 or 16 months. The long and short of it is that when We come on out, We each have to be ready to Go.

Inside Mom We get not only a Rhino body, but We are schooled in Rhinotude, RhinoLore, R-Potential, R-Imagination, and R-Humor. Each of Us has a built-in R-Compass, plus an R-Connection to all Rhinodom, present and past. RhinoHeart. All of this while We are inside. We don’t know how it works or how long it takes, months or moments? No clocks in there. We only know that on The Big Day, We arrive equipped.

Some parts-in-waiting are installed deep inside, so We don’t realize it, because they are related to our bodies. Smelling means nothing inside, but once outside, things become clear as that System revs up.

This interior process is a Must, because when We get outside, there are a zillion other things to learn and absorb. Moms are spared the education within; it’s just part of the Natural System as designed. Her job starts when We arrive.

Plus We then have bodies to work with, which has a lot of attendant considerations. We need to get skipping right away, as you can imagine. Before skipping was invented, We lurched.

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