Holiday a la mode, Halloween.

Boo-tiful2014  10-30

We love the idea of dressing up. We have no clothing really, but much time is spent speculating over stylish possibilities. When you own nothing, it’s oh-so easy to make a selection- or three or five. Imagination is the Best Shoppe any day, plus We get a frantic range of accessories! Change the color, the character, whatever. Why not?

Also, We have no problems finding parking when shopping.

BTW, here at Your Inner Rhino We decided to celebrate human holidays with you. Rhino holidays are so numerous, and their meanings are so difficult to convey… well, it’s just easier to undertake yours. We Rhinos generally have about 73 holidays for every calendar day. Lots to celebrate! A gazillion years worth of Exhilaration.

2 thoughts on “Trick’r’Treat!

  1. Now, see! Who would have guessed from just a cursory glance that a rhino’s daily existence was so wildly fraught with celebration! Inner life and imagination are such infinitely rich treasures — cornucopias of the mind!


    • Gee Willikers! You are the first in your neighborhood to grasp the insidious nature of Your Inner Rhino! You recognize in Us what We always knew was in you!! Tip o’ the iceberg, kiddo!


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