From the Park Bench

mayflyWhen humming matters over, We often refer to bugs. Bugs mostly have short life spans, all told, some very brief. Yet to each bug, Life is a mystery filled with hopes and expectations and desires and humor and joys. All their experience of Life can occur in a matter of hours. So, is their life inferior to a Rhino’s, or is it lived at a fever pitch, a buggy roller coaster of ecstasy? Hello and Goodbye! Wow!?

What we do feel pretty certain about is that for each critter, whatever Natural Law governs it, Life is a precious, magnificent experience, from its own point of view. We are not able to interpret the particulars for any other critter, even other Rhinos. We can only cultivate our awareness of our privilege in the Grand Experience. Each of us, all the time. What a gift!

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