Out on a Limb

Here is a representation of our Family, all 55 Million Years of it. It cannot begin to cover the range of sizes, styles, and looks which We have had during that period. As you blog along, We will occasionally point out Historical Member groups for one feature or another, like a bus tour through Hollywood.

You can already see where the problem will lie. Many Family Gangs and Clans have been successful for 10 million years and more. During those stretches, We have had multiple internal shifts, looked different ways, lived different places, pursued varied interests. We constantly confront the fact: We are Too Stupendous! So We marvel along with you; We are Some Bunch! RFamTree 10-22You will notice at a glance that not all our Family Members have horns. They don’t and didn’t. Horns are an exotic feature which We happily display, but it is not the prime factor. That essential pulse of Us is RhinoHeart. With RhinoHeart, one is Rhino. Without it, one is… well, something else.

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