DNA and its Merry Pranks

Here is something you can look up, in case it slipped your mind: Your DNA and ours is a lot alike. (We know this for certain just by sniffing you.) And it is that shared DNA that makes this blog so important. You have all this potential for joy right at your fingertips. You are already full of RhinoMatter. Ask anybody.

Not all our DNA is the same as yours, it’s true. That’s why you don’t look like Us. As far as the crucial Inner Parts, We are like you and you are like Us! So there is a revelation to make your day, for free!

We are very scientific animals, most especially when science proves Us right. Rest assured, on this blog, it always will. Funny about that.

R Science

We are not able to explain ourselves to You in a heartbeat. You can see that it would be a mighty task to explain or illuminate yourselves to another species, say Us, for instance. We will address a mighty range of topics in this blog, so in no time at all you will develop that special sensation of the Inner Rhino, both Ours and Your Own.

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