Herr Mesmer, Man of many facets

Today Rhinos cast a thought back to Franz Anton MESMER, 1734-1815. He lived in Germany, later in Vienna and then Paris. He is remembered for his extraordinary investigations into the relation of the mind to the body, natural energy’s involvement with personality, etc. and so forth as well. He is known as the Father of Hypnotism.

He was ridiculed in his day as a charlatan, but it must be recalled that his studies had no known pecedent to work from. He tried many methods and as with all experiments, many of them failed. He worked mostly on instinct and observation. He lived in a time when nothing was proven to modern satisfaction, and medicine as a career fit into a self-perpetuating socio-economic scheme. Any change was upsetting then, as it often is today.

His patients, often socially prominent people, swore by his efforts, but Mesmer never received solid acclaim. Still, he addressed a field of study which even today is met with skepticism. Rhinos have no idea why; who knows better than Rhinos how much knowledge lies outside conventional parameters?

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