Rhinos do not all share one approach to Life’s zillion dimensions. Some Rhinos are cheery, some are glum, others are oblivious. Life is tricky and the attitude of the viewer is singularly important. What is frustrating to one Rhino is evidence for frustration when the Rhino has fancy notions of what to expect. When browsing for a meaningful response, that Rhino will gravitate to situations that confirm the working premise: This or that proves the adviseability of getting impatient.

We see these responses all around Us. One Rhino is complacent with matters, another flips out. Each is ‘right’ because there is no ‘correct’ answer. Satisfaction lies in proving the original attitude valid. Often, a specific attitude is common within a family or society.

An attitude can be unifying or fragmenting, user-friendly or not. Is attitude a choice? It would appear so, when other Rhinos are using a different yardstick to measure matters. Inconsistency among peer groups can drive a Rhino Wild.

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