Festive Occasions

The Rhino Path is not strewn with rosebuds and lollipops, whatever you may have heard. But Nature has given Us one swell ability, namely, our In-ability to count beyond ‘Three’. One and Two, We’re fine. After Three, blah-blah-blah, which adds up to ‘more’.

Because there is this situation, We can have a Birthday Celebration whenever it strikes our fancy. Gifts are not necessary, but a Cake dresses up the event. The Birthday Rhino can share the cake, but it is not mandatory; some cakes are too small for that. Also, while We are at it, We can declare birthdays, sometimes more than one a day.

See what you can do to spread our system among your friends. They may need time to adjust, but shortly they will get on the bandwagon with you. After all, Cake is Cake.

One thought on “Festive Occasions

  1. So how many birthdays have you had this week?? 😂 However, I couldn’t agree with you more. Cake is cake! 😋 Prue



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