Beginning of Japan

Yesterday was Japan’s National Foundation Day; the rules for it started in 660 BC, and it took a while for Us Rhinos to get the gist of it. 660 BC is the year selected, honoring Japan’s first Emperor, Emperor Jimmu. That emperor died in 550 BC, at which time Jimmu must have been 125 years old, at least.

After being confused, big time, We read more, learning that Emperor Jimmu may have lived only in Myth and Legend. And maybe they counted things differently back then. Nobody who was there at the time is around to consult.

This offers Us, one and all, an opportunity to gaze at ancient tales and ponder if they happened at all. We don’t need to reject the tales; they are meant to inspire a culture. Just what We do with them is at our discretion and comprehension.

(The 3-legged crow, Yagagarasu, was a pal to the emperor, giving him military data from the air.)

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