Tricky Assignments

Some pursuits look more appealing than others, and We thought today We would point out the hazards of Glamour Jobs. We will concentrate on the Fairy Godparent task. Oh yes, oh yes, the outfit is probably fun to flit about in, but since it is ultra-imaginary, it can be reconceived in the Twinkle of an eye… (FG Humor)

FYI, the FG Recipient is pre-selected. Where things get tricky is that Recipients most often have no idea what to wish for. They are as unfamiliar with their motivations or goals as everyone else is. So what is the FG to do? Give the Recipient what is requested (a red balloon or a yacht), or choose something more promising on their behalf? (a slide whistle or grammar book?)

Rhinos are not often asked to do Fairy Godparenting. We are a bit crusty for the work. What’s for sure is: We are not asked to do it a second time.

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