Thoughts from Kenya

Tomorrow Nairobi is expecting a temperate Tuesday of 78 degrees, with a low of 60 degrees, whatever those may be.

Rhinos are often forgetful (which is a nicer way of admitting our varied range of ignorance). Ideas or perceptions haunt Us for hours, and then vanish. One of those Good news/ Bad news phenomena. A case in point is this Happy Winter Solstice post, only 32 days late, more or less. Lord knows, We did not count it all up, but it began on December 21, when Rhinos are especially preoccupied with RBusiness and Nobody’s Business.

Please recall for yourselves that the Spring Solstice starts on March 20, which will be along any minute. Mark it on your calendar if you are stimulated by this revelation. As you probably noticed in Paragraph 1, climate is feisty and inconsistent.

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