Spelling Flexability

Spelling incorporates many mysteries which is grounds for appreciation, even reverence. But what We Rhinos would like to know is why ‘Adjustable’ does not start with an R? Everybody knows We Rhinos are the Leap-Stop-Compress-Twirl-Land & Swivel Maneuver Champions, plus a bunch more. We are ready for any pressured circumstance, RRRRRRRRRn’t WE!?!

Other critters may envy our capacities. Not only do We slither forward with spirit and grace, but We can assess tight corners and limited access like nobody’s business. Limitation is something We Rhinos relabel ‘Opportunity’ on a daily basis. We take the challenge and laugh loudly in the face of calamity. It’s fun being Us, most of the time.

The ukelele is included in this post because Rhinos like the ukelele. It’s never too early to hail a friend.

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