2 thoughts on “February 14 Follies

  1. Happy Valentine’s Day Bill and Elias. Hope you had a good meal to celebrate.     Daughter Evelyn is here trying to help my organization. Somehow, at 90, life ain’t what it used to be. Helpful to have someone try to find what I am missing. Pat


  2. Oh, you SWEET guys! You are dear, dear, unutterably dear to our hearts! Every day you show up, almost without fail, with fresh inspiration like freshly colored spatters of paint. Of all God’s gifts – Valentines scattered across this lifetime — few friends or acquaintances have emerged in retrospect so squarely necessary to survival, so undimmed, so pure-honest, sweet-funny, tough, and true to the song and dance, the “yes” of our lives……

    We are blessed and honored to know and love the immediate presence and distant memory of your sweet selves and your necessary gifts to our world-story,

    Chery and John

    Chery Cutler McHugh
    336 Orange Avenue
    Ashland, OR 97520
    landline: (541) 482-2925
    cell: (860) 262-4446


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