Knock, Knock

And so, We Rhinos approach 2022. We have everything We need, We think, but you know how that goes. We may have forgotten the special de-coder ring…? It’ll be something like that.

We hail ourselves today as well as everybody else. 2021 sort of got thrashed, doubtless through no fault of its own. But in hours, it’ll be history. Ba-Bye.

We don’t pretend to know what’s “Next”. Whatever is going on when We arrive, We’ll be scouting out the hors doeuvres.

2 thoughts on “Knock, Knock

  1. Love it! So often there is a twist that catches me off guard, the unexpected, that makes me laugh… like the hors douvers. I did not see that coming! 😄🤣😀Thanks and joy to you and the New Year!


  2. Just because I don’t reply to every post, doesn’t mean I don’t want to! You are light and reverent irreverence in my life, my Sunshine!


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