Today we all celebrate Mr. Frank Epperson’s invention of the Cherry Popsicle. He created his first popsicle in 1905 at the age of 11. He later patented his discovery in 1924, successfully.

So everybody’s happy, which is certainly worth mentioning.

2 thoughts on “Slurp

  1. Where do you come up with these imaginative things?. I used love pop cycles. And sometimes we made them in an ice cube try—all kinds of colors and flavors.

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    • Gotta protect the Inner Rhino research system, Ma’am! You might like to whip up a bunch of them today, though ice cube trays are a rarity nowadays. Mr. Epperson, at age 11, put a glass of water and flavoring on the back proch, where it froze solid overnight. He ran the glass under some hot water, pulled the ice out by the stick, and Voila! XOX, Willy


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