Dancing ourselves silly

We Rhinos have been dancing since Heaven Knows When, which means a long time. For Us, having a body is step one of Dancing, and after that, things just take care of themselves.

Rhino Dance is not regimented usually, if ever. We just start, and go with the energy of the rhythm or tune, or noise. We are not picky. There is no judgment involved; We just have a whale of a time!

We are not interested in Evaluation or Criticism. We are simply moved to Move! That said, We don’t make much of a public demonstration. We can Dance without wriggling at all. Not every species can say that.

3 thoughts on “Dancing ourselves silly

    • Rhino Dancing takes concentration, so We have to buckle down to it. Granted, We don’t look particularly cheery in the illustration, but inside, We are Elated.


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