Green with Envy?

Rhinos happily admire the many fine features of our fellow Critters. Anywhere We look, We see nifty displays of Critterhood. Some even have horns of one sort or another. Every living thing has its individual gallery of advantages. Delightful.

So We do not feel envy for other Critters’ specialties. We might wonder about the benefits of a dorsal fin, but We don’t need one ourselves. If We felt the urge, We might imitate. Rhinos have been known to do that, true.

But Rhinos are simply too smug as a species to Envy another group. Rhinos all have Rhino Hearts.

One thought on “Green with Envy?

  1. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if humans were like rhinos and wouldn’t covet their neighbor’ houses, wifes, riches, cars, cell phones etc., etc.?


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