Our Flashing Feet

We at YIR were recently asked if Rhinos dance. The answer was so stereophonically Self Evident that We had to count to Three. Dance! Dance? The Answer is: You Bet!

The Reader’s confusion may be related to our general quiet demeanor and our reserve. But inside, Rhinos are Wild Animals, enjoying every move, every shift in rhythm, sashaying our way through Life. Step by step.

Pretty good deal, We gotta say.

3 thoughts on “Our Flashing Feet

  1. Amazing choreography — for six limbs! I have enough trouble with two — or four — depending on what I am trying to do (walk, run, bike, snowshoe, XC ski, climb, yoga, metabolic strength & power workouts). I am in awe of this bold, flashy Rhino!

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  2. Oh Carol- You’ve got plenty of Flash, even without the extra limbs, though the choreography is slightly different; each limb has to do 125%. Obviously.


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