Them Etruscans

The Etruscans are the folks who got Italy into shape before the Romans stepped up to grab the glory. They were a highly developed bunch, those Etruscans, though they did not leave a language anybody understands.

The Etruscans were interested in Brontoscopy, the study of Thunder and Lightning, as portents of Future Events. We are not sure what conclusions they drew, since nobody can read their notes.

2 thoughts on “Them Etruscans

  1. There’s something wonderful about the mysteries that surround the Etruscans, isn’t there.

    In lieu of other data, we can make up our own stories for them!

    Today’s graphic is clearly about grocery shopping in Etruscanville, yes? Or the magic of urns?

    love, Cliff



    • What I can tell you is: I’m glad nobody ever asked me to design anything Etruscan as their art, though amazing, is thin on the ground, and covers 400 years with little accurate dating associated with it. I did try, and learned many things of modest interest, but no, one Etruscan outfit is all I ever needed to know about, trust me. The one shown is an amalgam from 300 odd years, but how many critics is this work likely to get?

      Love, Bill

      On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 2:00 PM Your Inner Rhino wrote:



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