2 thoughts on “Golden Oldies 2

  1. How wonderful/sobering it is to see these savvy posts from 2016. Thank you!

    It’s helpful to get these reminders from Mr. Franklin, et al.

    Now, if I can just stop biting my nails…

    love, Cliff



    • I know what you mean, indeed I do.

      It is interesting to me, the quote from G Washington re: freedom of speech. I think he assumed the speakers were sincerely expressing point of view, that it never occurred to him the deliberate perversion of truth and cynical ends to which the amendment would be put.

      Sort of disgusting, really.

      Love, Bill

      You might go ahead and schedule a manicurist for November 4th, or so. You can always cancel if all is good.

      On Wed, Oct 28, 2020 at 1:58 PM Your Inner Rhino wrote:



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