Yet Again!


It seems that today is M. Paul Gauguin’s 1848 birthday, Again! This is happening all the time, as far as Your Inner Rhino can tell. We celebrate this exceptional painter’s work, and before We know it, We have to do an encore salute.

It seems suspicious that one fellow can have so many birthdays, but We are told it is true. It is probably linked to Mathematics somehow.

One fine day We Rhinos may understand the calendar, but that fine day is taking its fine time arriving.

One thought on “Yet Again!

  1. Colors are beautiful. Thanks for brightening my day. I look out at shades of green beside the small lake on which Rog and I had this house built in 1996. He kept the computer in front of a bookcase as he worked on writing. I moved it to the area I could see the lake and the many trees. Have a good day.  Pat  


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