Dandy Plus

Today is National Dandelion Day, and We Rhinos applaud the Dandelion along with all you Readers.

Rhinos judge plants as meals rather than by their appearance. Dandelions are exceptional in Nature’s pantry; every part is edible, from the roots to the leaves to the golden button on top. Yummy.

Dandelions are pretty, but mostly, they are pretty tasty.

3 thoughts on “Dandy Plus

  1. Awesome. I can grow dandelions like no one else. Huzzah indeed

    Stay healthy my friends,
    Sent from Janet’s iPhone


  2. Yes, when I was in college, in a “dry” town, the really daring thing was to walk out in the country to a farmhouse where  a wonderful Italian meal was served with dandelion wine. Oh, it was so good. (Of course, even better since partaking was against the rules. )  P


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