En route

We Rhinos are sensitive to alterations in our paths, to developments. We go about our daily business, moving forward, taking things as they come.

But now and again, We come to a Moment, a surprise Goodbye to what has come before, and a doorway to what’s coming. Rhinos can’t predict these shifts; sometimes We don’t realize We’ve recalibrated until after the fact.

Oftentimes, We can’t go back, except in Memory. It’s a little scary, and a bit thrilling. Our Individual Progression.

2 thoughts on “En route

  1. I always find myself rather at a loss for words in responding to these extraordinary posts. I want to respond because I feel startled or shaken awake, but how to express my response — with what content specifically, other than a general delight, wonder, acclamation? However, this post seems especially hauntingly. Once again, specifics escape me, but I find this one unique and fresh and deep in some ineffable way. Thank you.


    • Thank You. I’m delighted that the post set off something inside you, whether or not it yields to definition or categorization. I think Perception is an exercise in Expansion, not Limitation.


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