Stormy Weather

Today We salute Ms. Emily Bronte, famous for her 1847 novel, “Wuthering Heights”. It is a dark and twisted story of obsession and abuse on the barren moors of Yorkshire, England.

Rhinos find this story incomprehensible, but that is how We often respond to famous literature. Also, less-famous literature.

For those of you who have let their Old Norse get rusty, “Wuthering” refers to howling winds, not the weather report.

6 thoughts on “Stormy Weather

  1. Though I’m not Rhino, I couldn’t agree with you more, here. I suppose, given the lack of access to lurid television shows, the authors of such works must be forgiven for creating such works. People, and Rhinos, too, need something to take their minds off of their daily problems. Early novels would certainly do that. Those of us who are Rabbits would probably find more agreeable activities in dancing, long jumping, sitting in the sun eating clover or hiding underground in our dark, but comfortable warrens.


    • The differences between Rabbits and Rhinos are not as dramatic as they might seem. Many of the specifics may vary, but the moving spirit is pretty identical. We call it Rhino or Rabbit, but Inside, same urges and questions, joys and confusions…


    • Dear John- well, this reply could have been snappier, for sure and certain, but Yes, if you look in the Archive of ‘Your inner Rhino’ for March 8, 2017, your answer will be there. I certainly hope you and yours are ding well. Elias and I are in State College, PA (pastureland/ PSU) and liking it. We did 30 years in NYC, and that was sufficient. Moved here in 2002, taught stage design, and retired in 2011. And since then, all blog. So many phases in our lives… and this is one more. Affectionately, Bill


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