7-5 IDAHO 1726


On July 3, 1890, Idaho became the 43rd State of the United States. Congratulations!, say We.

Henry H. and Eliza H. Spalding had already (1836) introduced the Potato at Lapwai, in an effort to help the Nez Perce tribe with a viable crop. Idaho has many crops today, mainly grain, but somehow the Potato has held the spotlight.

Idaho has many National Parks, and a large part of the state is protected land. Rhinos are all for that way of thinking.

2 thoughts on “Spuds!

  1. The Spaldings were Congregational missionaries who came to Idaho, having first been in Hawaii. The effort to help the Nex Perz was commendation, however, after they got stronger they came to Walla Walla, WA (my home for 14 years before becoming a Tennesseean) where the Nez Perz killed the missionaries: Marcus and Narcissa Whitman and a lot of others, dumping them in the “Great Grave”, a fact that was honored annually on November 29. Just want the Rhino to have more useless information. Pat


    • Useless info in an Inner Rhino specialty. Often We edit or spin info to be more Rhinoine. This can get tricky, in that We avoid matters of faith or political energy.


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