Today We all celebrate the 1786 birthday of H. Wilhelm Grimm. He and his brother Jacob made a big contribution to the recording of Folk Tales, many of which are familiar, at least with Us Rhinos.

The Grimms were interested in Language and started an ambitious dictionary of German, though they got as far as ‘F’ before they died.

We don’t know if making a dictionary can have that effect, but don’t say YIR did not give fair warning.

7 thoughts on “Salutations

    • I am perplexed. The Post you want was for January 10, 2015, regarding Rhino Versions of popular stories. However, when I checked back into the Archives, the Post was entirely gone. But I’m glad you recall it; it was a fav of mine also.


  1. Eureka! I found Red hiding on December 28, 2014. Always nice to find an old friend, but also a pleasure to see pictures I had forgotten. New Year’s also especially fine.


    • You are Outstanding and Astounding! How you stalked this down I cannot guess, since I really searched, though obviously in the Wrong Place. You take the Cake!


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