Star Light, Star Bright

Good wishes are common among Us Rhinos. Sometimes We get preoccupied with picking out a star to wish upon. It’s hard to decide which star should house which Good Wish.

Much of our YIR Holiday was spent on this question, though We think the upshot is, a Good Wish is a Good Wish.

Sometimes though We feel pretty sure We wished upon Fireflies. Our vision is not what it might be, but our hearts are in the Right Place.

3 thoughts on “Star Light, Star Bright

  1. Beautiful illustration! I’ve always loved looking at the stars and thinking about the Creator who placed them each there one by one by name.


    • YIR has a full file of all the artwork, so it’s pretty easy to root around. With varied approaches, here is what we came up with: 2014: 10/28 2015: 1/4, 6/29, 10/21 2016: 1/2, 6/30/, 11/8 2017: 2/20, 3/13, 10/12, 10/19 2018: 4/19, 7/23

      Be sure to use the Archive system on the website. Some of the art is dated a day ahead of the pub date, due to some eccentricity of WordPress, which governs the blog. We think they observe Greenwich Time, however that works…


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