Sweets for the Sweet

Coming up with a topic for the day’s blog post is not always easy at Your Inner Rhino. It’s frustrating. Much grinding of teeth and low moaning.

The Staff are then forced to extreme measures, scanning the skies for a Message. It was during such a phase when We arrived at the Cookie Solution; if Santa Claus comes for cookies, perhaps the same thing is true for the Blog Muse. Put out some cookies, and hope for the best.

So far, it’s worked pretty well.

3 thoughts on “Sweets for the Sweet

  1. If coming up with a topic ever presented a problem for the staff at Your Inner Rhino, YOU COULD HAVE FOOLED ME!!! If any problem ever suggested itself, it would appear to me to be more like WHERE SHALL WE STUFF ALL THIS EXTRA SPECIAL-DECIAL OVERFLOW DELIVERY OF CREATIVITY? And EVERY DAY, for God’s sake!!!

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  2. I love it!

    Were they chocolate chip by any chance?

    Or a delightful new recipe?

    Love, Cliff

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