National Fragrance Day

Rhinos are all Scent Oriented, so it should come as no surprise that We trailblazed Perfume Development, back with the Assyrians, Much Years BC. You take some Castor Oil, and then toss fruits and flowers and herbs in there. Voila! (That is a translation from the ancient Assyrian.)

Scentography and its History. Your Inner Rhino marches on.

Also, if you are sluggish, you can drink it. It’ll cure what ails you.

3 thoughts on “National Fragrance Day

  1. Furry Sabret the dog would like to remind you that all that concocting and stirring are not necessary. Nothing, she says, can match the olfactory delight of a good roll in goose poop.


    • All sensible critters are in agreement with Sabret. That said, you can’t have the Best Thing if you don’t entertain the charms of the Almost Best Things too. And that said, a little experimentation with Demi-Lousy smells can be educational.

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