Spunky Gal

Anne Bonny may or may not have been born this day in about 1702, give or take. She had a rather murky career, but the big feature was her time as a Pirate, plying the Caribbean.

Your Inner Rhino mentions her, not because We approve of Plundering, but because Ms. Bonny was enterprising. Get-up-and-go deserves mention.

FYI, nobody is sure what became of her after they decided to hang her. Enterprising… and Slippery.

2 thoughts on “Spunky Gal

  1. Adventure does sound appealing, although as you say, piracy is to be deplored. When is talk like a pirate day? We have been practicing.


    • ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day’ is not until September 19, so you have time to perfect your patois. For the novice, aggressive ‘R’ sounds can be useful, but the adept will add colorful turns of phrase. It’s an undertaking, no doubt about it.


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