Sir Francis Bacon (b.1561) was an important fellow in England. But Rhinos recall him best for his theorizing about the Scientific Method. He would pose a question, and then by serious investigation he’d prove himself a) right or b) wrong.

Rhinos think of Critical Thinking as entirely Natural. Still, it startled people. Everything they needed to know was already known, wasn’t it?

But some peopleĀ had another idea: What if traditional answers were Incorrect? A Very Big Question, whenever it is posed. Right?

2 thoughts on “Proofs

  1. This is one of those magical drawings that a person (at least, this person) can look and look at, and still not see it all. What, for instance, is the round object hanging between the spoon and the caliper? Why the condiment shaker? (Does Sir Rhino eat and experiment at the same table?) Do the smoke and shattered eyeglasses mean Sir Rhino has narrowly escaped serious injury from a self-inflicted explosion? These and many other questions await further exploration. Yay!


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