3 thoughts on “Data Transfer

    • Can’t fathom how this (wood block-style) gets done on computer. For that matter, can’t fathom how any of your amazing work gets done on computer! Can’t have it all! Loved Feast Day, St Francis of Assisi, too, if you’re keeping track…!


      • The woodcut look is made by removing the positive space from the dark, basically erasing (or cutting away) the lighter areas, revealing the pale under-layer, which I then texture and tint. The idea is much the way one would make a real woodcut. It does have one marked advantage; it’s easier to fix it when you slip. Or enhance after the fact.

        Have you counted (I would be surprised if you have) that each R subspecies of the main three today is represented equally each month? The Tight YIR Rein in action. (It’s called “sharing” says Elias.) There are many similar bits of attention I use, going back over the assembled work to avoid repetition where I can. It’s a sizable task, given the library of illustrations: today is no. 792. (It’s noted just over the R tail.)

        I love hearing from you. It makes my day.


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