Where Wisdom comes from…


Happy birthday to Confucius, who was born in 551 BC, which was a while ago. He was a philosopher, which proves his Inner Rhino was on the job, sorting out the Mysteries of Life. He was interested in getting things organized.

We salute him, despite Rhino disinterest in regimentation and governance.

And no, as far as We know, Confucius didn’t invent chopsticks.

2 thoughts on “Where Wisdom comes from…

  1. I find it humbling that R is able to use chopsticks while I, despite the advantage of an opposable thumb, am forced to ask for a pair of children’s chopsticks. Ah me.


    • Forks are easier, and a trowel works too. Rhinos are not nearly as adept with chopsticks as you apparently assume; We don’t bother with utensils. We just snap off the bite, and munch it. The Direct Approach.


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