20th Century Modern

6-17 RiteOfSpring
Igor Stravinsky, born in 1882, composed The Rite of Spring, which was first performed in Paris in 1913. It was unexpected and entirely novel. Both the music and the choreography, plus its violent mindset, caused a riot.

What appeals to Rhinos is The Rite of Spring‘s raw muscularity, its throbbing pulse, its drive for fertility at all costs. All very Rhino.

If the story seems a bit grim, it aligns with Nature, where things are seldom gratuitously pretty. Hence Modern Dance.

6 thoughts on “20th Century Modern

  1. Oh, wonderful! “Hence Modern Dance…” I barely know what to say…my whole life rises before me?? Maybe not. But I have to say, this is faithfully, beautifully researched (as always) and VERY well done!!


  2. If memory serves, Rite of Spring closes with a procession carrying the sacrifice above the celebrants’ heads. The mind boggles at imagining R as the slain victim. In a good way. Sort of.


    • For Rhinos, this piece is done as a solo, so there are a few choreographic adjustments. Also, We change the story. What We don’t change is the rhythm.

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