Grimm Tidings

2-24 Grimm #1

Once upon a time in Germany, Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm famously started collecting folk tales. (Today is Wilhelm’s birthday, or it was, back in 1786.)

Clearly, many Grimm tales are based on Olde Rhino Stories, transformed for a human readership. The Very Absolutely Best Story Ever however is still Hansel and Gretel. Although everything in H&G is a perplexing distortion from a Rhino point of view, it has some haunting hold on Rhinoid awareness. Why, We cannot say.

Hansel and Gretel reverberates…

2 thoughts on “Grimm Tidings

  1. Here is my H&G story: Fleur danced Gretel when the ballet was presented in Boston in her ninth year. When the children fell asleep in the forest, they did so behind a bush to allow the angels to dance without the possible distraction of two eight-year-old children twitching. Fleur and Joey/Hansel were sternly instructed to fill the music as they sank down. Joey went down too fast, pulling Fleur with him. Fleur, determined to fill the phrases, kept rising partway up behind the bush, then sinking s-l-o-w-l-y down, until finally there was only one arm visible fluttering in slow motion until the last note sounded. The wings were filled with angelic ballerinas doubled over in silent laughter and a purple-faced dance master, who was NOT amused. I feel that Fleur lived one of Rhino’s best attributes: No matter what happens, never ever give up.

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    • What finer traits could one pass on to one’s child than Inner Rhinotude? Hard to imagine anything topping that. Filling a phrase it what it’s all about.

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