Eating Out

1-1 DiningOut

In the Wild, Nature caters every meal. That may sound monotonous, but that is not the case.

Plant life is changing all the time, in cycles. Today Veggie A is healthy, two weeks from now is drooping, and in two months seems dead. The Moral: if you find it tasty, eat it now before it’s too late. (Eating now is always good policy.)

Happily, as Veggie A withers*, Veggie B is blooming, and merry mealtime alternatives present themselves. Thus Nature provides, not only for Us Rhinos, but for all critters out here doing our thing. Year round.

Talk about Seasons’ Greetings!

* (For those of you fretting about Veggie A, it will be back when the time is right. That’s how Nature handles these matters.)

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