White Rhino

11-28 WRhino

Hello from Africa, where We White Rhinos share the continent with our cousins, the Black Rhinos. Just to clear up an obvious issue: We are actually all the same color of gray.

The term “white” comes from a foreign word meaning “wide”, since our mouths are flat in the front. This is a feature to accommodate our diet of grass. We chomp it off with our lips, not our teeth; this system works better since We don’t have front teeth.

We are the bigger of the two African family branches, weighing in at about the same bulk as our Indian cousins (see 8/17/15). Big, that’s Us.

A distinctive feature of our physique is the large hump of muscle at our shoulders. It helps Us raise our heads from the Graze Position. Big heads to go with a big body.

We like to think of ourselves as Intellectual, but then, who doesn’t?

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