Two by Two

11-8 Incom-Pair-able

We Rhinos do not wear socks. They don’t address any needs We acknowledge. For Us.

What holds our interest is your apparent need to match them up, and wear them in pairs. Surely they are more decorative when you wear more kinds at the same time? If We wore socks, We’d throw out the extra one when We got them. Or share the extra sock with somebody else.

Or knit them Once and For All.

6 thoughts on “Two by Two

  1. as does mine! Also my daughters. I especially like the idea of giving one sock of a pair away immediately – think of the stress that that avoids.


    • Your Inner Rhino makes every effort to provide thought-provoking tips for stress-free living. That’s the way We like it, with occasional breaks for outlandish behavior.


    • YIR concentrates on the Big Picture, the gestalt of knit goods . For alternate inspiration, see January 2015 for the 13th, 16th, and 19th. Then crack out the yarn!


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