10-3 in the loop

We are reflecting upon “loops”. Being “in the loop” means you are part of a gang who share information or beliefs or tastes. Being “out of the loop” means you aren’t and probably don’t. You have your “in crowd”, and all the rest of Us; The Loopless.

Loops probably begin innocently enough, two critters agreeing on something. But as more critters join up, the glue of looping is assent to the organizing principle. Shortly, the principle is ruling the loop. Nobody is thinking any more, just assenting and gaining a sense of vigor from the fellow “in crowd”. Loopsters Unite!

The Rhino Position on this is No Thank You. Believe in what suits Us each today, not what suited Us, or somebody else, yesterday. Or the day before.

Free Thinkers, a Wild bunch, for sure.

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